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Human knowledge is doubling every six months, and certainly will in the future more quickly. What are these changes? While most 30-year period of human productive activity, how the life experiences of a generation of 30 years of management and services continue to be useful in the production of knowledge? But it must be a management information system and is trying to Developments in the field who works at the company, not the rear. Still, no one can be associated with the development and necessary "information management" and "management ěîinformation"as part of the company's main policy is to succeed.Accordingly,Jooyabnou management concluded that the strategic objectives Policy-based data management system utilizes header and firmly placed on the agenda to follow.Implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 is an example of this management approach is expected to be operational that project processes.
Another approach is the need to feel in the presence of potential competitors in the labor market,New management systems and the use of new technologies have to be considered.The leading companies, the Department of Technology and Innovation is to pioneer methods and services, and any other body corporate management expertise and provide support and information network.
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