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Jooyabnou Consulting Engineers,which was called jooyab at the beginning,is a private corporate company and member of Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers.
Jooyabnou Consulting Engineers was founded by a group pf highly experienced engineers with suited technical and practical background in 1972,and since it has consistently experienced a rapid upward growth rate over the past several years with expansion to various water resources disciplines.
Our success over the past years has resulted due to our quality services in a timely manner and reasonable fees.
Continued utilization of our services and expertise by clients has produced both professional satisfaction and economic stability of our firm.
Jooyabnou Consulting Engineers particularly  has wide and valuable experiences in arid regions.These experiences are achieved through performing successful studies for large and small projects in central and southern regions of Iran,specially;Yazd,Kerman,Fars and Hormozgan provinces.
Typical multidisciplinary services provided by Jooyabnou Consulting Engineers can be categorized as follows:
  1. Water Resources Engineering
  2. Irrigation and Drainage Network
  3. Flood Control and Related Structures
  4. Groundwater Investigations
  5. Artificial Aquifers Replenishment
  6. Hydrologicall Studies
  7. Water Supply,Treatment Plant and Distribution Systems
  8. Sanitary Waste Water Collection and Treatment Systems
  9. Industrial Waste Water Collection and Treatment
  10. Diversion Dams and Water Conveying Canals
  11. Coffer Dams
  12. Water Transmission Lines
  13. Pump Stations and Related Works
  14. Small Hydro-Electric Projects
  15. Leak and Undetected Lost of Drinking Water Systems Invistigation
  16. Computer Services-Mathematical Modeling
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